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Zuckerberg absent from official call as Facebook gets grilled by 9 nations

Lawmakers from all over the world reprimanded the top ranking Facebook executive pertaining “fake news” dated Tuesday. This came after Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook refused from attending this call. Politicians along with top officials grilled the Vice President Policy Solutions for Facebook named Richard Allan with regards to the privacy practices for company data.

The representatives from the countries which include Canada, Argentina, U.K., Ireland, Singapore, Latvia, and Brazil invited Zuckerberg in order to give any evidence to the court which could even be sufficed with video links. However, he went on to decline the same.

Belgium and France also attended the hearings on Tuesday held in London at the House of Commons. Evidently, a chair at the meeting was left open that held the name Zuckerberg printed in the name card placed in front. The meeting was a conglomerate of 9 countries with a total of 24 officials representing 447 million internet users worldwide.

This event has been billed as inaugural of “Grand Committee on Disinformation”. It was set in place by the British Lawmaker named Damian Collins who currently chairs the parliamentary committee that has been investigating the disinformation & use of Facebook data. Collins also commented that he was completely disappointed with Zuckerberg’s decision following which he ignored the summoning by the officials coming down from all those nations.

Amidst all these concerns brought to sight by lawmakers, were the policies by Facebook with regards to 3rd party application developers. This also included the collection and use of the user data. To these complaints, Allan confirmed that their company had damaged the trust of the public with questionable actions.

Further, Facebook confirmed that the company hired the firm with conservative lobbying front amidst crisis from public relations in the month of October 2017. Facebook’s relationship with the firm named Definers Public Affairs, was reported just last week detailing how this group aimed towards discrediting of activist protestors. This was done in part from linking together of the liberal financier named George Soros. He also became the subject for anti-Semitic type conspiracy theories and widespread right-wing.

Charlie Angus, the Canadian lawmaker stated that they need to start searching for a new method to hold the Vice President and Facebook accountable for the issues. This was because the CEO Mr. Zuckerberg wasn’t willing to get this job done. Facebook wants the informational files, asked by the officials, to be shielded from public eyes.