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Verizon announces to establish the largest tech based workshop in Boston

Verizon made an announcement today that they have plans of building their largest technology community which will be in Boston’s The Hub on the Causeway which is beside the TD Garden and close to the North Station which is spread over 450,000 square feet.

The Hub in Boston will be completed in the year 2021 and this will basically be a joint venture between Boston Properties and Delaware North. This area will create a live ecosystem where there will be a building which consists of about 16 floors where 5 floors will be specifically designed for different incubators.

The working environment will be very much agile in nature so that the productivity of the work can be increased. This area will be powered by all the next generation technology from Verizon and it will also have a lot of places for entertainment like live music movie theater with 15 screens and also a supermarket.

A sports bar will also be located on the campus which is something very new in a Hub like this. There will be a world-class hotel built inside this Hub so that the company is able to accommodate its guests in its own campus.

Verizon office is right now in the lease in one of the top buildings in Boston, but in the construction of the Hub, it will have a whole campus to itself where it will able to function the way it wants.

Verizon is expanding its horizons and talking to all the top universities around Boston so that they are able to recruit students from all those colleges directly to this campus. Verizon is on a quest to build a campus which will cater to all the needs of the employees and so that the employees can enjoy their life staying in the office campus even when they are not working. Verizon has been able to get their hands on all the best offices that are there in Boston. This will be a big step toward the development of Verizon as a company.