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UAE aids educated, rich foreigners with new long-term visa policy

The CIBT also was known as The Credit Information Bureau of Tajikistan along with the advisory support from the International Finance Corporation, which is the member of the World Bank Group will be launching a new tool for analysis, which will be a quick risk assessment in the agriculture field.

This work will basically be a continuation of the IFC advisory support to the CIBT in the strengthening and developing the market position of the company.

This agreement will render advisory services by IFC and this will conclude in the month of May this year. According to the agreement, IFC, along with CIBT will be implementing analytic indicators which are all based on the agronomic information and all the expert models which will all help conduct an accurate assessment of the risk based on the borrower in the agricultural sector.

The specialists will also be developing a list of Guidance and instructions so that the return is assured. The borrowers will also be going through a one-day training which will help them invest the money in the proper manner and get returns from there on.

The CLARA expert system, also known as the Cash flow linked Agriculture Risk Assessment tool will help in the calculation of the analytic indicators which will help to assess risk in a better manner and agricultural borrowers will be able to borrow money in a much easier manner.

The partnership which was made by IFC will basically increase the assets to credits to all the small businesses especially farmers all across the country. The IFC World Bank Finance said that this will help a lot of people to support their small businesses and let the cash flow intact.

Cash flow linked Agriculture Assessment tool is a new internet service which is specifically designed to make the service more effective by assessing the risk in a faster manner. This service will help to analyze all the information and the instructions for the production of different agriculture products based on different flow charts and service database.

It should be noted carefully that the products are generally in high demand and there is a lot of interest from the local market and from local financial institutions which basically focus on agro-lending. The CLARA toolkit is basically developed to help people who need a loan for agriculture.

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