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Study Reveals Red Meat Increases Heart Disease Risk

Study Reveals Red Meat Increases Heart Disease Risk

Study Reveals Red Meat Increases Heart Disease RiskNow, the researchers have more shreds of evidence that prove the consumption of red meat can trigger the risk of heart ailments.

Two studies have proven that people who eat red meat have higher chances of raising heart diseases in comparison to the ones who are vegetarian or feed on white meat like chicken and others. Red meat contributes to the production of a chemical named TMAO or trimethylamine N-oxide, which directly contributes to an increase in heart diseases. Not only heart but red meat is also known to spike the chances of alteration of kidney function, which was a surprise to the researchers and they are delving deeper into the niche to cultivate more negative effects on the body imposed by the red meat.

Dr. Stanley Hazen has been studying the effects of TMAO on the body for long and stated that these researches are an eye-opener for the medical team as well as the consumers who prefer a diet rich in red meat. He further mentioned the altered kidney functions have raised several eyebrows which were undiscovered till now. On the other hand, vegetarians have a lower level of TMAO, provided they are not under any supplementary medication.

TMAO is made from the gut bacteria while digesting food. Red meat contributes to producing a lot of precursors, resulting in TMAO in the human body. Other species of bacteria result in the production of TMAO when they metabolize lecithin, carnitine, and choline, which are available in red meat and other dairy products, including eggs.

Another study has proven that the people who rely more on red meat to fulfill the protein needs of the body have the level of TMAO 10 times more after a month of consumption. The similar changes were not observed in the people who eat fish, poultry, and vegetarian dishes.