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Logitech to acquire Plantronics for subsidizing manufacturing costs post import tariff increase

Logitech International SA, a popular manufacturer of consumer electronics and technology, is currently discussing a possibility to acquire the company Plantronics Inc. The company to be acquired is the US-based maker of gaming headsets and Bluetooth earpieces.

This move by the biggest by far in terms of monetary investment for Logitech which is set to illustrate the expanse of company’s business diversification practices. This move was initiated after the implementation of increased tariffs on the imports coming from China all the way to the US. This acquisition of the brand will eventually bring down the manufacturing costs.

Logitech has planned to shell out a whopping $2.2 Billion in order to acquire Plantronics as per sources. By the end of Friday’s trading session, Plantronics showcased a successful market capitalization close to $2 Billion. If these negotiations turn out successful, the deal could be initiated by next week. However, sources also suggest that there is a chance that the agreement could be dropped down by either party.

Both Logitech and Plantronics denied providing any commentary over the deal to be negotiated. This is not the first time that Logitech acquired a company to work under its umbrella. Last year, the company acquired the company ASTRO Gaming with a deal of $85 million in an effort to expand its reach in the domain of video games.