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IT-Giant Infosys to add 1,200 jobs for Australian graduates by 2020

The top ranking software company Infosys confirmed dated Wednesday that it will bring to the table an opening of 1,200 jobs at Australia by the year 2020. The company shall open up 3 innovation hubs in the country in order to reduce the gaps seen in the present day scenario when it comes to digital skills.

The company also mentioned that these 1,200 jobs are meant for skilled individuals, professionals, and graduation degree holders. The company also confirmed that the 3 innovation hubs shall be initiated by 2020 in order to accelerate the digital leaderships lined up for the clients based in Australia.

In order to meet the country’s rising demand for apt digital expertise, this $11 billion worth Indian firm created a proper educational ecosystem that is designated to cater proper learning opportunities for talented individuals. From the total of 1,200 jobs, about 40 percent shall be dedicated to placing the Computer Science and Design graduates from Australian University. The academic partnerships shall be strengthened in order to attract the top talent heads that will eventually add to the ramped up skill enhancement in Australia.

These hubs shall also serve as an optimum platform for the company to co-innovate and co-create alongside the clients, local governments, and academia to fasten the innovation. This will also aid in polishing of emerging talents in sectors such as technology & solutions.

Andrew Groth, the Vice-President of the company for Australia & New Zealand announced these initiatives that will evidently meet the increasing demands for proper digital expertise. The announcement was made in the attendance of Karen Andrews, the Australian Minister for Industry, Science and Technology at Infosys Sydney.

As of now, this outsourcing firm successfully recruited about 75 graduates. Half of these successful candidates have completed their induction training designed for placement at the strategy based client projects. Groth also stated that this expansion of the team in Australia paired with innovation hubs shall serve as an important milestone to help the clients navigate properly over the digital journey and thereby renewing the core systems for the businesses. This will also initiate the conception of new solutions that help realize growth.

This is not the first time the company has advanced such as move. In the year 2017, the company had committed to hiring at least 10,000 techies at America in order to bridge the skill gaps in its IT firm at the U.S. Also, the company aims to set up 6 technology-cum-innovation hubs all across the stretch of North America as it approaches the mark for the year 2022-23.