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Google brings new tools for better transparency following “Dark Adverts” during elections

Google has recently launched a whole new set comprised of efficient tools across the European territory. These tools have been launched to ensure political transparency as the 2019 EU Elections approach. This attempt shall help crack down the “Dark Adverts” visible over the online platform.

These tools have been laid down in place as a response to the recent Russian Misinformation Campaign that took over the scene during 2016 US Elections. This was when the overseas operatives accessed the political advertisements in order to target the Americans.

In order to combat this rise of the “Dark Ads”, Google has pitched in the following rules:

  • The adverts would require mentioning the candidate, current officeholder, or political party to include clear disclosure. This will allow the voters to have a clear idea of the one who is paying for these advertisements.
  • Verification of the advertisers for EU election in order to ensure that the identities aren’t fake.
  • Creation of a library that is EU-specific for election adverts. This will cater more information related to the person or party that is purchasing the election ads. Additionally, it will also clarify the segmentation of the target audience and the money being spent.

Google’s Director for EU Public Policy and Government Relations, Lie Junius commented that the prime intention with these tools is helping the voters understand the advertisements they see. All the popular social networks eventually launched a requirement listing for proper transparency with regards to political advertisements for 2018. This is partly due to the threats that the US Congress laid down stating that these requirements shall be considered mandatory unless the Silicon Valley initiated this voluntarily.

Facebook launched its very own set of tools in the initial half of the year which is only operational partially for the UK based users. The complete rollout of the feature is delayed as of now as the company tries to figure out the ways to stop the advertisers to stop lying.

On the other hand, the tools laid in place by Twitter are currently operational in U.S. The tools brought along by Google for political transparency were launched in summer for the U.S. based users. However, Britain was excluded from the latest launch even if the territory comes under the regulations of EU. It is expected that Britain won’t require a set of transparency tools even with its very own elections surfacing in the month of May next year.