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Facebook set to face seven-nation panel interrogation post data-scandals

Once again Facebook is set to face an international committee of 22 members from seven countries. Facebook has hired Richard Allan, the Vice President of Policy in Europe, Middle East Asia, and Africa to face elected representatives. The elected associates belong to the Parliament of Britain, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Latvia, Singapore, and Ireland. Richard Allan is supposed to justify the release of online hoax news and the misuse of the data scandals by Facebook.

After intense interrogations by the lawmakers over data forgery, violation of laws, and inability to handle political affairs, the newly formed committee members have already started listing their questionnaire for the Facebook representative.

The committee had extended a hand to the CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, to provide pieces of evidence over the video link. But, the offer was refused. The final answers to the representatives’ questions will be given by Richard Allan at the meeting, as is stated by a spokesperson from British Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS).

The decision of the committee making was taken as a response to New York Times investigation. It put forward a fact that the company employed a Republican political consult and PR organization that “probes its competitors”.  The senior officials of the company knew about these violations and the spread of false information to mislead.

The investors of the company, hence, pressurized Zuckerberg to resign the post of Chairman, to which he denied. The social network’s Head of Communication and Policy Elliot Schrage has taken the charge for engaging Definers Public Affairs that has an expertise in defiance research.

The head of the company, CEO Zuckerberg and COO Sandberg have requested Nick Clegg, Head of Global Policy and Communications to go through the entire documentation with communication counselors.