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Atos appointed as NSM India’s technology partner to construct supercomputers

Atos, France based IT services firm was recently selected for creation of supercomputers under the National Supercomputing Mission in India worth INR 4500 crore. This tender to construct the HPC or High-Performance Computers was floated in by C-DAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computing) in the month of February 2018. This 3-year long contract with Atos would involve deployment of energy efficient supercomputers with Direct Liquid Cooled BullSequana.

Hemant Darbari, the C-DAC’s director-general mentioned that this contract shall be executed in 3 different phases being run simultaneously by NSM. For the first phase, the company shall be assembling 3 supercomputers at the outlay comprised of INR 68 crore. For the 2nd phase, the team will aggregate 10 Petaflop, however, the numbers for the computers need to be decided.

The NSM shall be divided between 2 key tracks which include the buy and build. This section is being supervised under the IISc Bangalore and C-DAC. Atos acquired the contract for building the part of NSM where the firm shall partner with the C-DAC all through 3 phases of this project. The first phase involves assembling the supercomputers followed by phase two that requires the assembly of components such as motherboards that shall be manufactured in a local level. The final phase of this would require the supercomputer to be designed by C-DAC in India.

For the 1st phase, the IIT-Kharagpur shall receive one 1.3 petaflop machine while IIT-BHU and IISER Pune each shall acquire 65-Teraflop Computer. All these components shall be assembled at the local platform by Atos in Chennai. However, the components shall be sourced from France. Arvind Bajaj, the Head and Vice President at Atos Bull India commented that the work shall be divided into 3 simultaneous phases with separate stages for delivery.

The exact time for delivery of the very first set for supercomputers shall depend on the fact whether the institute based data centers are ready. The C-DAC has already let out the tender for this while the contract awaits its awardees.

Atos flaunts a sizeable recognition at a global level with its HPC or High-Performance Computing based business with the brand Bull. In the month of September, the company unveiled one its highly powerful supercomputer with the computer power comprised of about 12 Petaflops located in Germany. This makes it a highly powerful supercomputer in the country ranking at 16 among the Top500 supercomputers.