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Amazon Pay announces partnership with Western Union to launch its new payment method

Western Union has finally announced their tie-up with Amazon this month. Amazon has now been able to expand their payment methods which are called Amazon Pay Code. The new payment method of Amazon is in partnership with Western Union which will help all the customers using the Amazon Pay Code.

Amazon will be shipping all the products in the address which will be specified by the customer during check-out. This feature is only available near the Western Union agent locations and not for everywhere else. The only reason why this method is introduced is to make the online shopping experience easier for more customers. The only problem with this payment method is that this is a local currency payment method and cannot be used on a worldwide basis.

It was announced last month that the Amazon Pay Code is a joint venture between Amazon and Western Union. This is an advanced payment option which is specifically designed in such a way that all the international customers are able to purchase their favorite products. This will be a perfect opportunity for Amazon to expand their business and reach out to a global market. You will now be able to spot a few products with the Amazon Pay Code option even in India.

A huge number of products now show this Amazon Pay Code payment option. You will now be able to pick any of those products and decide where you want the products to get shipped and simply choose Amazon Pay Code as the payment method. Amazon will ask all the customers to provide them with certain additional information so that they are able to process that with the Western Union agent location. Once the order is executed and canceled users will be able to check what is the price of the item that they purchased.

This whole procedure will require a photo identity proof, so the customers will require to provide the website with a scanned copy. All the customers will be provided with a 48-hour window so that they are able to make a payment to Amazon.

Customers can always go to the frequently asked questions page so that they get answers to all the questions. Customers can also call the customer care to get a clear information about how the whole payment method works and why they need an identity proof.